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Enjoy nature in nature About estate Landgoed Hoenderdaell

Dierenpark Hoenderdaell is +/- 30 hectares and is located at the beginning of the vast estate Landgoed Hoenderdaell in the Anna Paulowna polder.
The estate is located in the middle of a nature reserve of 75 hectares that was originally part of the Wadden area. After a visit to Dierenpark Hoenderdaell, nature lovers can also enjoy a walk through the quiet area.

Because nature is free of human influences here, flowers and plants can grow well. The past has also influenced the flower and plant growth in this area. For example, the rear part of the quiet area was excavated in the Middle Ages and later filled with sea silt, which made an impact on the vegetation. In addition, the excavations and elevations have created height differences, which results in a great diversity of flora.

Free roaming

Animals can also be free in the quiet area. Hikers can discover fox tracks and breeding birds and on the waterfront you can see the work of various rodents. In short: for nature lovers, every walk through this North Holland quiet area will be a new experience.

Art & culture

During a walk in the quiet area, visitors come across a monument and works of art that tell something about the history of the area.

Gelderse Huisje

Behind the animal park on Landgoed Hoenderdaell is a small stone house with a rich history. The Gelders Huisje is just as old as the polder where it is located and is therefore a memento of an important period in polder history and a tribute to the first inhabitants of this area, families from the province of Gelderland. Thanks to their efforts, determination and courage, the area of Anna Paulowna could develop into the special polder that it is today.

Anna Petruska

In the quiet area of Landgoed Hoenderdaell, hikers come across the artwork Anna Petruska. The petrified carcass of a longboat has been here since 2010 and was the idea of local artist Ank van der Horst. The boat belongs to the mothership Anna Petruska that was on its way from Talinn, the capital of Estonia, to Zaandam and sank on the way.


This building was also conceived and realized by Ank van der Horst and Jan Smakman. The wall forms a semicircle, in the crevice there is a staircase that runs from the north to the south. On the stairs are tiles with the names of the seasons. In the middle of the semicircle is the acoustic point, where the voice of visitors is reflected.