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Adventure together School trips

The park offers several packages for school trips. Admission only is  € 10 p.p., or choose one of the following packages (for official elementary schools only). For secondary schools we charge an extra € 2 p.p.

Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance.


Panther (€ 14 p.p.) Lion (€ 15.50 p.p.) Tiger (€ 18 p.p.)
Admission Admission Admission
Drink box Drink box Drink box
Fries with sauce Fries with sauce Fries with sauce
Ice lolly* Snack**
Ice lolly*

* Ice lolly: multicolour or pear | ** Snack: croquette, mincemeat hotdog or cheese pie

In the month November, December, January and February school trips are not possible.

Please fill out the booking form for school trips. We will be in touch to confirm the application or to answer any questions.

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