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Visitor information Frequently Asked Questions

The animals in the park and the estate cannot be fed with food that you bring yourself. The animals could fall seriously ill or even die of too much or the wrong kind of food. Special food is available to feed the lorikeets and the alpacas. Every day there are feeding demonstrations on the monkey islands.

Please view the map of the park on the site or see the maps and signs in the park. At the gate you’ll receive a paper map too.

Sorry no, you can book one visit at a time. The day after your visit you can book your next visit.

Yes, for a visit to an adopted animal you can send us an email, and you can pick up your annual pass at the gate upon presentation of your confirmation letter.

No need, just bring your admission ticket to visit the park.

No, no need to book for kids under 3 years of age.

Yes, you can use a gift voucher to pay for an annual pass.

No, we do not want to impose fixed times on visitors to visit the park. The arrival time in the reservation system is purely indicative. We use these to ensure a good flow at the gate.

At the time of booking, the system will indicate whether your pass has expired and you will be given the opportunity to renew the pass.

Both foundations can be visited if you have purchased a ticket for the park. The foundations are only accessible through the park and cannot be visited separately.


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