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Shelter & rehabilitation Animal shelter

In the park there are two foundations that are committed to animals in need, but the park itself has also sheltered animals from special and / or unpleasant circumstances.

For example, there is a very large aviary where various types of macaws live. Most macaws have been handed over by their owners. The brown bears have been rescued from an old breeding station, nose bears and raccoons have been offered shelter for Stichting AAP. Most storks come from Poland where they were traffic victims and can no longer fly. And a few other bird species have been offered shelter.

Stichting Leeuw

Stichting Leeuw shelters big cats in need. If possible, the shelter is temporary, and the animals are prepared for relocation to a large forever home. The animals that are taken in, for example, come from private individuals, are former circus animals or have been rescued from war situations.

Due to new laws and regulations, predators are allowed to act in fewer and fewer countries or be kept in private ownership. There is therefore often no place for lions and tigers anymore. Their owners then look for a place where the big cats can enjoy the rest of their lives. Stichting Leeuw is such a place.

Shelter & rehabilitation

The shelter has experienced predator caretakers who do everything they can to rehabilitate these animals. With the help of the unique hunting simulator, the big cats can release their energy, their hunting instinct is stimulated and their muscle strength and fitness is improved.

Stichting SOS Dolfijn

Stichting SOS Dolfijn is a nature organization specialised in helping cetaceans. The organization offers help to porpoises, dolphins and whales in need that end up alive on the Dutch coast or threaten to be stranded.

An experienced team of specialists is ready for them day and night. SOS Dolfijn is a worldwide expert in the care and rehabilitation of small cetaceans, mainly porpoises, with high success rates and many animals that have been returned to nature after recovery.

Whale shelter

In Northwest Europe, SOS Dolfijn is the only rehabilitation centre for cetaceans and also helps stranded animals in neighbouring France, Germany and Belgium. SOS Dolphin has a renowned educational whale sanctuary. In addition to advice and emergency aid, the foundation focuses on nature conservation through research, education and social action. It will be clear that the protection of cetaceans in the North Sea plays a prominent role in this.