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Animal welfare

Dierenpark Hoenderdaell is so much more than a place where animals can be admired; it is a safe haven for animals in need. In collaboration with two dedicated foundations, Stichting Leeuw and Stichting SOS Dolfijn, Dierenpark Hoenderdaell is committed to animal welfare on an international scale.

Dierenpark Hoenderdaell is unique because of its location on a vast estate in Anna Paulowna. Thanks to this spacious environment, the animals can be given all the necessary space to live in a setting that is as natural as possible.

The zoo focuses on the love for animals. The spacious enclosures were designed with care, always putting the welfare of the animals first. Here, they have the freedom to live as natural a life as possible, far away from the hustle and bustle of visitors. Think, for example, of the tigers, which can be admired through small peepholes without disturbance. Respect for the animals always comes first.

The park offers an educational experience, especially aimed at children. This is not just about observing animals, but about understanding their habitat, their behaviour and the importance of conservation. Every visit is an opportunity to learn more about nature and wildlife conservation.

The park was born out of a deep love for animals. It was created as a sanctuary for animals that needed it. Many of the residents have been rescued from circuses, former breeding stations and even war situations. The dedication to helping these animals is at the heart of the park’s existence. It is this passion that drives Hoenderdaell every day.
Stichting Leeuw

Stichting Leeuw takes care of big cats in need, ranging from privately kept animals to former circus stars. Here they get the care and love they deserve. The skilled caretakers help rehabilitate these beautiful animals so that they can continue their lives in semi-wild conditions. In this way, Stichting Leeuw offers these animals a second chance.

SOS Dolfijn

SOS Dolphin, an organization with a worldwide reputation, provides assistance to cetaceans in need. The team is ready day and night to help porpoises, dolphins and whales stranded on the Dutch coast. The educational whale sanctuary aims to raise awareness about and protect these special marine animals.

A visit to Dierenpark Hoenderdaell means more than just a moment of admiration: it contributes to a better life for the animals that found a safe haven here. Every footstep you take in the park helps to continue the story of recovery. By supporting the park with your visit, you are not only supporting their care, but also education and awareness, which is important for the future of wildlife around the world!

Will you come visit us? Then plan your day out quickly and discover Dierenpark Hoenderaell for yourself!